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Question 1: In Mahayana traditions, a Bhikṣu may take additional vows not related to ordination, including the ________ vow, samaya vows, and others, which are also open to laypersons in most instances.
Guan YinAvalokiteśvaraBodhisattvaMaitreya

Question 2: These included ordination into the "________" lineage of Tibetan yogis (Tib.
DzogchenTibetan BuddhismKagyuNyingma

Question 3: Upāsaka, Upāsikā
Gahattha, ________
Agārika, Agāriya
Householder (Buddhism)Upāsaka and UpāsikāŚrāvakaBuddhism

Question 4: Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis keep many precepts: they live by the vinaya's framework of monastic discipline, the basic rules of which are called the ________.
Buddhism and HinduismAnuruddhaBuddhismPatimokkha

Question 5: Their lifestyle is shaped so as to support their spiritual practice, to live a simple and meditative life, and attain ________.
Buddhism and HinduismBuddhismNirvanaSkandha

Question 6: In the south, yellow played the same role, though the color of saffron also had cultural associations in India; in ________, robes are yellow, grey or black.
Far EastCentral AsiaSoutheast AsiaEast Asia

Question 7: (No ISBN listed in the ________ catalog.)
United States CongressUnited States CapitolLibrary of CongressUnited States House of Representatives

Question 8: A female monastic is called ________ (Skt: Bhikṣuṇī).
SamaneriUpāsaka and UpāsikāHouseholder (Buddhism)Bhikkhuni

Question 9: Saichō, the founder of Japanese ________ sect, succeeded in abolishing the vinaya in Japan in favor of ordination by bodhisattva precepts, as outlined in the apocryphal Brahmajala Sutra.

Question 10: He therefore seeks ________ in order to release from it.

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