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Question 1: The Natya Shastra-based margi elements, such as karanas, that were meant to spiritually enlighten the spectators, were gradually replaced by desi karanas which were later replaced by ________.
Indian classical danceKathakaliCarnatic musicBharatanatyam

Question 2: Many people choose to learn ________ along with Bharatanatyam as they go together.
BhupalamDheerasankarabharanamCarnatic musicDhenuka

Question 3: Positions of the hands and body tell a story, usually of ________ and the longing for the lover.
LimerenceChemical basis for loveJealousyLove

Question 4: ________ was instrumental in bringing it to the attention of the West.
Charles Webster LeadbeaterGeorge ArundaleHelena BlavatskyRukmini Devi Arundale

Question 5: ________ - The accompanying music is in the Carnatic style of South India.
Music theoryClassical musicMusicMusical notation

Question 6: Series of steps, ________, are a relatively recent desi component in Bharatanatyam.
KathakaliBharatanatyamIndian classical danceCarnatic music

Question 7: In the margi form nritta is composed of karanas, while the desi nritta consists mainly of ________.
Indian classical danceKathakaliBharatanatyamCarnatic music

Question 8: Bharatanatyam (Tamil: பரதநாட்டியம்) is a classical Indian dance form originating in ________[1][2][3][4][5], India.
Tamil NaduVelloreChennaiMadras Presidency

Question 9: These reflect other yogis spiritual revelations, such as the vision of two sages, Vyagrapada and ________ in Chidambaram.

Question 10: Ganapati Vandana - A traditional opening prayer to the Hindu god ________, who removes obstacles.

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