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Question 1: The Medicine Buddha mantra is held to be extremely powerful for healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative ________.

Question 2: The practice of veneration of the Medicine Buddha is also popular in China, as he is depicted as one of the trinity of Buddhas, the others being the founder Gautama Buddha and ________ of the Pure Land sect.

Question 3: On achieving ________, he became the Buddha of the eastern realm of Vaidūryanirbhāsa, or "Pure Lapis Lazuli".
MahayanaBuddhahoodBuddhismBuddhism and Hinduism

Question 4: To correct heretical views and inspire beings toward the path of the ________.
BodhisattvaGuan YinMaitreyaAvalokiteśvara

Question 5: Starting in the 7th century Yakushi has been the object of a popular cult in ________, largely supplanting the previous cult of Ashuku (Akshobhya).
CambodiaUnited KingdomCanadaJapan

Question 6: In Japanese ________ Buddhism, the following mantra is used:
ShinranKūkaiShingon BuddhismNichiren

Question 7: In the ________, he is commonly referred to as the "Medicine Buddha" or the "Medicine King Bodhisattva".
English languageSouth AfricaCanadaAmerican English

Question 8: There are several other mantras for the Medicine Buddha as well that used in different schools of ________.
SamayaTibetan BuddhismVajrayanaLineage (Buddhism)


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