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Bhagavata: Quiz


Question 1: Ganguli, K.M. (1896). ________ (Chapter V).
Vyadha GitaKrishnaMahabharataBhagavad Gita

Question 2: Kaviraja, K.; ________, A.C.B.S.; Bhaktivedanta, A.C.
Swami VivekanandaBhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati ThakuraSatsvarupa dasa GoswamiA. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Question 3: ________ Mahadeva is also believed to be an early Vaishnava.

Question 4: Ganguli, K.M. (1883 -1896). The ________ of Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa.
ArjunaMahabharataBhagavad GitaKurukshetra War

Question 5: In this context ________ has the primary meaning of 'adoration', while Bhagavat means 'the Adorable One', and Bhagavata is a worshiper of the Adorable One.
BhaktiJnana yogaBhagavad GitaSamadhi

Question 6: In the recent times this often refer to a particular sect of ________ in West India, referring to themselves as 'Bhagavata-sampradaya'.
VaishnavismHinduismBhagavad GitaKrishna

Question 7: [1] It also refers to a tradition devoted to worship of ________, later assimilated into the concept of Narayana[2] or original form svayam bhagavan.
Bhagavad GitaBalaramaKrishnaVyasa

Question 8: Many millions of bhaktas or devotees of ________ visit these paces of pilgimage every year and participate in a number of festivals that relate to the scenes from Krishnas life on Earth.
BalaramaVyasaBhagavad GitaKrishna

Question 9: [5] Many places of ________ associated with Krishna from the time immemorial.
VrindavanMathura, Uttar PradeshGokulDwarka

Question 10: Bhagavata, with the literal meaning of that which comes from Bhagavan or the Lord, signifies in the context of ________.
Indian religionsHinduismAyyavazhiBuddhism


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