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Question 1: The word "bhagat" means devotee, and comes from the Sanskrit word ________, which means devotion and love.
Bhagavad GitaJnana yogaBhaktiSamadhi

Question 2: ________ Dev selected the writings of The Great Hindu Bhaktis and Sufi saints.
SikhismGuru Ram DasGuru Arjan DevGuru Har Gobind

Question 3: There are 15 Bhagats who are given respect in the ________ as the Bani of the Ten Sikh Gurus.
SikhismGuru Granth SahibSikh scripturesDasven Padshah Da Granth

Question 4: Bhagat is also a Hindu ________ or Sikh surname.
Chitrapur Saraswat BrahminGoud Saraswat BrahminRajapur Saraswat BrahminsDaivadnya

Question 5: In Hinduism, a bhagat (from ________ bhakta) or Sant is a holy person who leads humanity towards God and highlights injustices in the practices of the world.

Question 6: The ________ Bhagats lived in Hindu centres and became largely imbued with Hindu spirituality.
Moinuddin ChishtiTariqahDhikrSufism

Question 7: They evolved a belief in one God that preceded ________.
Islam and SikhismSikhGuru Nanak DevSikhism

Question 8: Sikhism: The Sikh Bhagats (Punjabi: ਭਗਤ, from ________ भक्त) were holy men of various various sects whose teachings are included in the Sikh holy book the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Question 9: Bhagat Beni | Bhagat Bhikhan | Bhagat Dhanna | Sheikh Farid | Bhagat Jaidev | Bhagat Kabir | Bhagat Namdev | Bhagat Parmanand | Bhagat Pipa | ________ | Ravidas | Bhagat Sadhana | Bhagat Sain | Bhagat Surdas | Bhagat Trilochan
Guru Granth SahibBrahminRamanandaBhakti

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