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Betty Driver: Quiz


Question 1: The Driver family moved to ________, south of Manchester in 1922, where they resided in a semi-detached house alongside other police families.

Question 2:
What role did Betty Driver play in the telemovie Pardon the Expression?
Miss Sinclair
Mrs. Edgeley
Miss Cavendish
Pam Plummer

Question 3: In the 1940s, she became a noted ________ singer.
BebopSwing musicJazzBig band

Question 4:
What role did Betty Driver play in the videomovie Coronation Street?
Clerk of Court
Prosecuting Advocate
Officer Birtles
Betty Williams

Question 5:
What did Betty Driver do for a living?

Question 6:
What role did Betty Driver play in the telemovie Facing the Music?
Mary Matthews
Mme. Calvini
Mme. Rivers
Anna Braun

Question 7:
Where was Betty Driver born?

Question 8: [4] She was cast later in the series Pardon the Expression, a spinoff of Coronation Street alongside ________.
Ian LavenderJohn Le MesurierDad's ArmyArthur Lowe

Question 9: All her words were scripted by a young ________.
BBCDavid JasonUnited KingdomBob Monkhouse

Question 10: In 1964, she auditioned for the role of Hilda Ogden on the television series ________ (the role went to actress Jean Alexander as the casting directors wanted someone who did not weigh as much).
WeatherfieldCoronation StreetCoronation Street VHS and DVD releasesCoronation Street timeline


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