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Betty Boop: Quiz


Question 1: But Betty's film career saw a major revival in the release of "The Betty Boop Scandals of 1974", and became a part of the post 1960s ________ movement.
CriminologyCountercultureRationalization (sociology)Sociology

Question 2: Today Betty is voiced by Tress MacNeille and ________ in Commercials.
Cree SummerTara StrongThe Super Hero Squad ShowKevin Michael Richardson

Question 3: As Kane's claims seemed on the surface to be valid, it was proven that her appearance was not unique, as both she and the Betty Boop character bore a resemblance to ________, another major Paramount star.
Clara BowDorothy ParkerB. P. SchulbergSchizophrenia

Question 4: Note: see the Talkartoons filmography for Betty Boop's earlier appearances, and see the ________ filmography for additional Betty Boop's appearances.
Song Car-TunesSuperman (1940s cartoons)Fleischer StudiosScreen Songs

Question 5: The Betty Boop comic strip by Bud Counihan (assisted by Fleischer staffer Hal Seeger) was distributed by ________ from 1934 through 1937.
Flash GordonKing Features SyndicateDennis the Menace (U.S.)Phantom (comics)

Question 6: Turner would merge with ________ 10 years later, and today, Turner/Warner Bros.
Time WarnerWPCH-TVMidway GamesTed Turner

Question 7: NTA was reorganized in the 1980s as ________, which is presently a subsidiary of Viacom, the parent company owning Paramount.
Republic PicturesParamount PicturesCommando CodyCaptain America (serial)

Question 8: A ghostly walrus (________ from live-action footage of Calloway), sings Calloway's famous song "Minnie the Moocher", accompanied by several other ghosts and skeletons.
Traditional animationAnimationAnimated cartoonRotoscoping

Question 9: The 1980s, rapper, ________ (whose voice, image and name were influenced by the cartoon character) rose to popularity in the UK largely due to the "Betty Boop" revival.
Betty BooGirls AloudRecord labelBlur (band)

Question 10: A Betty Boop musical is in development for Broadway, with music by ________.
CherDavid FosterMichael BubléGolden Globe Award for Best Original Song

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