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Bette Davis: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Bette Davis play in the telemovie It Takes a Thief?
Bessie Grindel
Press Secretary Rhoda Michaels

Question 2: Davis had initially shown little interest in the film ________ (1942) until Hal Wallis advised her that female audiences needed romantic dramas to distract them from the reality of their lives.
Claude RainsNow, VoyagerBette DavisJuarez (film)

Question 3:
What role did Bette Davis play in the movie June Bride?
Jeanne Brinker
Paula Winthrop
Rosemary McNally
Linda Gilman

Question 4:
What role did Bette Davis play in the movie Murder with Mirrors?
Carrie Louise Serrocold
Mildred Strete
Miss Jane Marple
Gina Markham

Question 5:
What is Bette Davis also known as?
Davis, Ruth Elizabeth
Roderick, Elizabeth
Dumas, Alexandre ; Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie
Spacek, Mary Elizabeth

Question 6: Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis (April 5, 1908 – October 6, 1989) was an American actress of ________, television and theatre.
FilmmakingFilmIndependent filmMovie theater

Question 7:
Where was Bette Davis born?
Columbus, Ohio
, U.S.
Wingate, County Durham

Question 8:
What role did Bette Davis play in the movie Marked Woman?
Florrie Liggett
Emmy Lou Eagan
Dorothy 'Gabby' Marvin
Mary Dwight Strauber

Question 9: [15] When Davis was not nominated for an Academy Award for Of Human Bondage, The Hollywood Citizen News questioned the omission and ________, herself a nominee, joined a campaign to have Davis nominated.
Norma ShearerNorma Shearer filmographyClaudette ColbertAcademy Award for Best Actress

Question 10:
What role did Bette Davis play in the movie The Virgin Queen?
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth I
Beth Throgmorton

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