Bethune College: Quiz

Question 1: Vice Chancellor: ________ Suranjan Das
Doctor (title)JudgeProfessorImam

Question 2: Phulrenu Guha - Minister of State for Social Welfare, ________, 1970-1972
Government of IndiaSupreme Court of IndiaAdministrative divisions of IndiaPresident of India

Question 3: Kadambini Ganguly, First woman physician of ________ to be trained in the European system of medicine
IndiaSouth AsiaPunjabi languageBrāhmī script

Question 4: It was founded as a school in 1849 by ________ and in 1879 developed as the first women's college in India.
Michael Madhusudan DuttSri AurobindoJohn Elliot Drinkwater BethuneBanga Mahila Vidyalaya

Question 5: It is located at 181, Bidhan Sarani, ________ -700006, just opposite the current campus of Scottish Church College, Calcutta.

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