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Bethel, New York: Quiz


Question 1: The Town of Bethel, which is primarily rural in character, was part of the old ________ Catskills resort area.
Mormon CorridorGrain BeltBorscht BeltRust Belt

Question 2: In 2008, an interactive museum commemorating Woodstock and the ________ generation opened at Bethel Woods.
Baby Boom GenerationBaby boomerRichard NixonCold War

Question 3: On July 1, 2006 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts opened on the site of the original Woodstock Festival and hosted the ________.
Arturo ToscaniniLeonard BernsteinLeopold StokowskiNew York Philharmonic

Question 4: Black Lake – A community on Route 55, south of the ________, Black Lake.
Great LakesEndorheic basinLakeVolcano

Question 5: The Town of Bethel was brought to the world's attention in 1969 when nearly 500,000 people gathered at ________'s Farm for "Three Days of Peace and Music".
Max YasgurTaking WoodstockBethel, New YorkWoodstock Festival

Question 6: At the time of the ________[2] of 2000, there were 4,362 people, 1,649 households, and 1,101 families residing in the town.

Question 7: The town received worldwide fame after it became the host of the 1969 ________, which was originally planned for Woodstock, New York, but was relocated to Bethel after Woodstock withdrew.
Schaefer Music FestivalAltamont Free ConcertWoodstock FestivalMonterey Pop Festival

Question 8: Bethel is a town in Sullivan County, ________, USA.
New JerseyConnecticutNew YorkMassachusetts

Question 9: Bethel was home to numerous hotels that were part of the "________" and numerous sleepaway camps for most of the 20th century, including Camp Ma-Ho-Ge, Camp Chipinaw, and Camp Ranger – all on Silver Lake.
Grain BeltBorscht BeltMormon CorridorRust Belt

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