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Betar: Quiz


Question 1: Many went to the gallows in their Betar uniforms, singing ________ or the Betar Song.
HatikvahMawtiniİstiklâl MarşıAzat u ankakh Artsakh

Question 2: Once a vibrant movement tied to the opposition ________ Party, Betar's following in Israel has declined since the 1970s as a result of a changing political situation.
GahalGeneral ZionistsLiberal Party (Israel)Herut

Question 3: Betar sponsors sports clubs, the most notable is the popular ________ (or sometimes spelt Betar Jerusalem) football (soccer) club.
Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv F.C.Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C.Beitar Jerusalem F.C.Hapoel Tel Aviv F.C.

Question 4: It has been traditionally linked to the original ________ and then Likud Israeli political parties.
Liberal Party (Israel)GahalHerutGeneral Zionists

Question 5: (The name is also an allusion to the last Jewish fortress to fall during the ________ rebellion, Betar.)
Simon bar KokhbaBar Kokhba revoltBar Kochba Revolt coinageFirst Jewish–Roman War

Question 6: Jabotinsky related the heroism of the one-armed Trumpeldor and of the defence, by the newly-formed ________, of Jews attacked by Arabs (tacitly supported by the British mandate authorities) in the Jerusalem Pogrom of 1920.
HaganahIrgunIsrael1948 Arab–Israeli War

Question 7: Current ________ Member of Knesset Yoel Hasson is a former national head of Betar in Israel.
Benjamin NetanyahuKadimaAvigdor LiebermanTzipi Livni

Question 8: The Betar Movement (בית"ר, also spelled Beitar) is a Revisionist Zionist youth movement founded in 1923 in Riga, ________, by Ze'ev Jabotinsky.

Question 9: As the Likud party, under ________'s leadership, moved away from the traditional values of Revisionist Zionism, Betar drew criticism from many on the political right.
Tzipi LivniBenjamin NetanyahuEhud BarakAvigdor Lieberman

Question 10: In 1923, Vladimir (Ze'ev) ________ (poet, author, journalist, translator, soldier, Zionist leader) was invited to a meeting of Jewish youth in Riga, Latvia, arranged by Aaron Propes.
Revisionist ZionismPalestineIrgunZe'ev Jabotinsky


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