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Betamax: Quiz


Question 1: It seems he is doing so because of his anger over becoming obsolete to ________.
HD DVDLaserdiscVHSBlu-ray Disc

Question 2:

Question 3: Compact Video Cassette - Competitor product developed by Funai and ________ using 1/4" tape format.
Warner Bros.Color motion picture filmTechnicolorRKO Pictures

Question 4: In episode 231 of ________, Red turns a Betamax player into a moving laundry line.
Steve Smith (comedian)Canadian Broadcasting CorporationWayne RobsonThe Red Green Show

Question 5:
What type is thing is Betamax?

Question 6: New cassettes are still available for purchase at online shops and used recorders are often found at flea markets, thrift stores or on ________ auction sites.
Internet Relay ChatInternetE-mailWorld Wide Web

Question 7: Sony could not duplicate the functionality of VHS camcorders, and seeing the rapid loss of market share, eventually introduced the ________ format.
8 mm video formatDigital videoBetacamBlu-ray Disc

Question 8: After defeating the second boss of ________, a Crash Bandicoot game, N.Brio, one of the villains, says he is "Right like Betamax!"
Crash Tag Team RacingCrash TwinsanityCrash: Mind over MutantCrash Nitro Kart

Question 9: In the ________ episode Mother Nature's Son, Raquel is running through all of Del's worthless junk cluttering Damien's bedroom.
David JasonThe Green Green GrassOnly Fools and HorsesThe Only Fools and Horses DVD Collection

Question 10: Sony's attempt to dictate an industry standard backfired when ________ made the tactical decision to forgo Sony's offer of Betamax in favor of developing their own technology.
Mitsubishi ElectricToshibaSanyoJVC

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