Betacam: Quiz

Question 1: ________, Thomson SA and Philips each sold rebranded OEM versions of some of the Sony VTRs and Camcorders at various times in the 1980s and 1990s.
AmpexQuadruplex videotapeType C videotapeBing Crosby

Question 2: It is a popular ________ cassette format for broadcast use.
Digital videoHDVBlu-ray DiscBetacam

Question 3: It stores video using ________ 4:2:2 Profile@ML compression, along with four channels of 48 kHz 16 bit PCM audio.
MPEG-1MPEG-2Moving Picture Experts GroupMPEG-4

Question 4: It uses the ________ compression system, but at a higher bitrate than Betacam SX.
MPEG-4MPEG-2MPEG-1Moving Picture Experts Group

Question 5: So, a 90 minute tape will record 108 minutes of video in ________.

Question 6: Betacam is a family of half-inch professional ________ products.
VideotapeType C videotapeQuadruplex videotapeVideo tape recorder

Question 7: It gives better chroma resolution and allows certain postproduction processes such as ________.
CompositingChroma keySimulated realityVirtual reality

Question 8: HDCAM SR, introduced in 2003, uses a higher particle density tape and is capable of recording in 10 bits 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 ________ with a bitrate of 440 Mbit/s.
RGB color modelColor photographyDigital cameraDigital photography

Question 9: MPEG IMX cassettes are a muted green, however, the new ________ format allows recording of MPEG IMX on a tapeless format, Professional Disc.

Question 10: There are four channels of ________ 20-bit/48 kHz digital audio.
Compact DiscCoaxial cableS/PDIFAES/EBU

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