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Beta Centauri: Quiz


Question 1: More recent estimates place the distance of the system to closer to 350 ________ or 107 parsecs.
Light-yearAstronomical unitCosmic distance ladderStar

Question 2: Beta Centauri (β Cen / β Centauri), also known as Hadar or Agena, is the second brightest star in the ________ Centaurus and the tenth brightest star in the night sky.
Canis MajorConstellationCruxTaurus (constellation)

Question 3: Beta Centauri is a B1 III blue-white giant star that the astrometric Hipparcos satellite calculates as about 161 parsecs or 525 ________ from the solar system.
Light-yearAstronomical unitCosmic distance ladderGigametre

Question 4: You may be looking for ________
Gamma CentauriTheta CentauriAlpha CentauriEta Centauri

Question 5: The name Hadar comes from the Arabic word for "ground", while the name Agena comes from ________ words for "the knee".
Old LatinLatinRoman EmpireVulgar Latin

Question 6: Beta Centauri is well-known in the Southern Hemisphere as the inner of the two "Pointers" to the ________.

Question 7: The primary is also a spectroscopic binary, having one companion with an ________ of 352 days, and a second companion further out, forming a triple star system.
Orbital periodInclinationStandard gravitational parameterApsis


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