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Beta-lactamase: Quiz


Question 1: These ________ have a common element in their molecular structure: a four-atom ring known as a beta-lactam.
ATC code J01Nucleic acid inhibitorAntibiotic misuseAntibiotic

Question 2: Beta-lactamase may be clinically beneficial when orally administered to preserve the natural ________ during the parenteral administration of antibiotics.
BacteriaGut floraImmune systemHuman flora

Question 3: There have been few clinical studies to define the optimal therapy for infections caused by ESBL producing ________ strains.
Helicobacter pyloriPathogenic bacteriaPseudomonas aeruginosaEscherichia coli

Question 4: Although TEM-type beta-lactamases are most often found in ________ and K. pneumoniae, they are also found in other species of gram-negative bacteria with increasing frequency.
Escherichia coliPseudomonas aeruginosaHelicobacter pyloriPathogenic bacteria

Question 5: Penicillinase is a specific type of β-lactamase, showing specificity for ________, again by hydrolysing the beta-lactam ring.
CephalosporinPenicillinBeta-lactam antibioticCycloserine

Question 6: Plasmid mediated IMP-type carbapenemases, 17 varieties of which are currently known, became established in Japan in the 1990s in both enteric gram-negative organisms and in Pseudomonas and ________ species.
BacteriaAntibiotic resistanceAcinetobacter baumanniiAcinetobacter

Question 7: The structure of a ________ β lactamase is given by 1BSG.

Question 8: Also responsible for the ampicillin and penicillin resistance that is seen in ________ and N. gonorrhoeae in increasing numbers.
CholeraPathogenic bacteriaHaemophilus influenzaeTyphoid fever

Question 9: Resistance to fluoroquinolones and ________ is especially high.

Question 10: Some patients have responded to ________ or quinolone therapy, but in a recent comparison of ciprofloxacin and imipenem for bacteremia involving an ESBL-producing K. pneumoniae, imipenem produced the better outcome.


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