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Question 1: In 1538, the Ottomans annexed more Bessarabian land in the south as far as ________, while the central and northern parts of Bessarabia were already formally a vassal of the Ottoman Empire as part of the principality of Moldavia.
DubăsariTransnistriaBender, MoldovaTiraspol

Question 2: The Rumcherod Committee (Central Executive Committee of the Soviets of Romanian Front, ________ and Odessa Military District) proclaimed itself the supreme power in Bessarabia.
CrimeaRussian NavyBaltic FleetBlack Sea Fleet

Question 3: The population before World War II consisted of Romanians, Ukrainians (Ruthenians), Russians, ________, Gagauz, Germans, and Jews.
First Bulgarian EmpireBulgariansBulgarian Orthodox ChurchBulgarian literature

Question 4: After his death, the polity was divided into smaller pieces, and the central parts were unified in the Dacian kingdom of Decebalus in the ________.
JesusTiberius1st centurySaint Peter

Question 5: [2] In the 6th century BC, Greek settlers established the colony of Tyras, along the ________ coast and traded with the locals.
Mediterranean SeaBlack SeaBaltic SeaAegean Sea

Question 6: People living in the area grow sugar beets, sunflowers, wheat, maize, tobacco, wine grapes and ________.
SeedVegetableFlowering plantFruit

Question 7: Since 1991, most of the territory forms the core of ________, with smaller parts in Ukraine.

Question 8: The political solution of the "Jewish Question" was apparently seen by the Romanian dictator Marshal ________ more in expulsion rather than extermination.
Ion AntonescuCorneliu Zelea CodreanuAdolf HitlerSfarmă-Piatră

Question 9: With world attention focused on those events, on June 26, 1940, the USSR issued an ultimatum to Romania, demanding immediate cession of Bessarabia and ________.
BukovinaMaramureşCarpathian RutheniaBudjak

Question 10: Bulgarian, and Eastern), Magyars, Pechenegs, ________ and Mongols.
KhazarsCumansTurkic peoplesKipchaks


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