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Berry: Quiz


Question 1: Aggregate fruits are multiple fruits with seeds from different ovaries of a single flower, such as ________, raspberry, bayberry, and boysenberry
BlackberryRubus armeniacusHerbalismRubus

Question 2: The fruit of ________, melons and their relatives are modified berries called "pepoes".

Question 3: The true berry is the most common type of fleshy ________ in which the entire ovary wall ripens into an edible pericarp.
Flowering plantFruitSeedVegetable

Question 4: ________: the berries of some species (called honeyberries) are edible, others are poisonous (Lonicera spp.; Caprifoliaceae)
HoneysuckleLonicera maackiiLonicera caeruleaJapanese Honeysuckle

Question 5: The fruit of ________, such as the orange, kumquat and lemon, is a modified berry called a hesperidium.
CitrusCitronLime (fruit)Grapefruit

Question 6: ________, of which there are many species and hybrids, such as dewberry, boysenberry, olallieberry, and tayberry (genus Rubus)
Rubus armeniacusRaspberryHerbalismBlackberry

Question 7: The botanical definition of a berry is a simple ________ produced from a single ovary, such as a grape.
SeedVegetableFruitFlowering plant

Question 8: In botanical language, a berry or true berry is a simple fruit having ________ and pulp produced from a single ovary.
SeedLeafFlowering plantFlower

Question 9: ________, Rubus idaeus and some other species of Rubus

Question 10: Bearberry (Arctostaphylos spp.), Crowberry (Empetrum spp.) and ________

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