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Bernie Wrightson: Quiz


Question 1: In 1968, he showed copies of his sequential art to ________ editor Dick Giordano and was given a freelance assignment.
Vertigo (DC Comics)SuperheroSupermanDC Comics

Question 2: Conan Reader Cover DJ 1968, by ________
Lin CarterL. Sprague de CampRobert E. HowardScience fiction

Question 3: He continued to work on a variety of mystery and anthology titles for both DC and its principal rival, ________.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel ComicsMarvel Animation

Question 4: Treehouse of Horror #11 segment "Squish Thing", which itself was a parody of ________
Swamp ThingAlan Moore bibliographyAlan MooreWatchmen

Question 5: His first professional comic work appeared in ________ #179 in 1968.
Cain and Abel (comics)BatmanHouse of MysteryVertigo (DC Comics)

Question 6: ________ #33, 40, 63 Warren Publishing
Intercompany crossoverEerieCreepyVampirella

Question 7: He also co-created Destiny, later to become famous in the work of ________.
The Sandman (Vertigo)Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman bibliographyAmerican Gods

Question 8: Wrightson had originally been asked by DC to handle the art for its revival of ________, but he left the project early on when he realized he could not produce the necessary minimum number of pages on time.
BatmanAlan MooreMargo LaneThe Shadow

Question 9: Wrightson illustrated the comic book adaptation of the film Stephen King-penned horror film ________,.
Cell (novel)Media based on Stephen King worksThe Dark Half (film)Creepshow

Question 10: ________ #61-62, 64 (Warren Publishing)
CreepyEerieWally WoodAl Williamson

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