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Bernardo Provenzano: Quiz


Question 1: At the time, Michele Navarra was the head of the Mafia Family of Corleone, but Provenzano became close to ________, a young and ambitious mobster.
1960s Sicilian Mafia trialsSalvatore RiinaLuciano LeggioCesare Terranova

Question 2: What sparked off the crisis was a request from the Inzerillo family, one of the clans whose leaders – among them ________ – were killed by the Corleonesi during the Second Mafia War in the 1980s and which are now in exile in the United States.
Salvatore InzerilloSicilian Mafia CommissionAntonio RotoloJohn Gambino

Question 3: Provenzano participated in the Viale Lazio massacre on December 10, 1969: the killing of ________ for his role in the First Mafia War.
Ciaculli massacreGreco Mafia clanSicilian Mafia CommissionMichele Cavataio

Question 4: There is proof that in 2002 he traveled to ________, despite being a fugitive, and underwent a surgical operation in Marseille for a prostate tumor, even being reimbursed by the Italian National Health Care system.
FranceItalyCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 5: In November 2009, Massimo Ciancimino – the son of ________ – said that Provenzano betrayed the whereabouts of Riina.
Bernardo ProvenzanoMafiaSalvatore LimaVito Ciancimino

Question 6: Study of the pizzini showed that Provenzano’s joint deputies in Palermo were Salvatore Lo Piccolo and ________, capo-mandamento of Pagliarelli.
Salvatore InzerilloAntonio RotoloMafiaSicilian Mafia Commission

Question 7: Targets were to have been Marcello Dell'Utri and former Defence Minister Cesare Previti, both close advisors of then Prime Minister ________, according to a leaked report of the intelligence service SISDE.
Lamberto DiniSilvio BerlusconiRoberto MaroniGianfranco Fini

Question 8: A ________ is not necessary as he has already been convicted in absentia of many murders, including those of Falcone and Borsellino, and has many life sentences to serve.
CourtJury trialTrial (law)Appeal

Question 9: Among the rivals were ________ (from Castelvetrano and the province of Trapani), Salvatore Lo Piccolo (boss of Tommaso Natale area and the mandamento of San Lorenzo in Palermo), and Domenico Raccuglia from Altofonte.
Matteo Messina DenaroMafiaBernardo ProvenzanoGiuseppe Graviano

Question 10: Nevertheless, the Italian Parliament, with the support of ________, subsequently prolonged the enforcement of 41 bis, which was to expire in 2002, for another four years and extended it to other crimes such as terrorism.
Forza ItaliaNational Alliance (Italy)Italian Republican PartyLega Nord

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