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Bernardino de Sahagún: Quiz


Question 1: He studied at the university of ________ and in 1524 he took his vows as a Franciscan Friar.
SalamancaBéjarCiudad RodrigoMiranda del Castañar

Question 2: During the course of two years he interviewed the elders of Tepepolco about all the topics that he found to be of interest for a description of ________ society, culture and language.
AztecInca EmpireMesoamerican chronologyPre-Columbian era

Question 3: In 1558 he was commissioned by the local head of the ________ order Francisco de Toral to work his findings into a form that would be useful for the Christianization and indoctrination of the natives of New Spain.
Dominican OrderCatholic religious orderFranciscanCarmelites

Question 4: Around 1588 it reached ________ where it resides to day in the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Firenze, whence it takes its commonly used title Florentine Codex.

Question 5: Sahagún has often been called "the father of modern ________", because his methods included using native informants to elicit information on Aztec culture from the Aztecs' point of view.
SociologyAnthropologyEthnographySocial anthropology

Question 6: Born Bernardino de Ribeira, he swapped his family surname "Ribeira" with the name of the town of his birth Sahagún in the Kingdom of ________.

Question 7: It is divided into two manuscripts: one in the Academia Real de Historia and the other in the Palacio Real, both in ________.


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