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Bernard of Clairvaux: Quiz


Question 1:
Where did Bernard of Clairvaux die?
Istanbul, Turkey
Psychiatric Clinic Burghu00F6lzli, Zurich
Clairvaux, France
, United States

Question 2:
When did Bernard of Clairvaux die?

Question 3:
How is Bernard of Clairvaux described?
French abbot, theologian
Abbot of Fountains; Archbishop of York
Abbot of Selsey, Bishop of Selsey
Theologian; Archbishop of Canterbury

Question 4: Bernard denounced the teachings of ________ to the Pope, who called a council at Sens in 1141 to settle the matter.
BonaventureThomas AquinasDuns ScotusPeter Abelard

Question 5:
Where was Bernard of Clairvaux born?
Willkischken,, Memelland
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
near Newark-on-Trent
Fontaine-lu00E8s-Dijon, France

Question 6: Bernard's letter to the ________ was seen as a real treatise, "De Officiis Episcoporum." About the same time he wrote his work on Grace and Free Will.
Roman Catholic Diocese of TroyesRoman Catholic Archdiocese of SensRoman Catholic Diocese of OrléansCatholic Church

Question 7: Pope Pius VIII bestowed upon him the title of "________."
History of the Catholic ChurchTimeline of ChristianityEast–West SchismDoctor of the Church

Question 8: It was at this council that Bernard traced the outlines of the Rule of the ________ who soon became the ideal of Christian nobility.
Knights TemplarCrusadesJacques de MolayKnights Templar legends

Question 9: in the classic text on Mariology, The Glories of Mary, ________ based his analysis of Mary as the "Gate to Heaven" on Saint Bernard's statement:[18]
Francis de SalesAlphonsus Maria de LiguoriRobert BellarmineAlbertus Magnus

Question 10: He then went to ________ where he succeeded for the time in detaching William X of Aquitaine, Count of Poitiers, from the cause of Anacletus.

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