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Bernard Lovell: Quiz


Question 1: 1981 — ________
Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGeorge Biddell AiryJohn Couch AdamsThomas Gold

Question 2: He was knighted in 1961 for his important contributions to the development of radio astronomy, and has a secondary school named after him in Oldland Common, ________, which Sir Bernard Lovell officially opened.

Question 3: With university funding he constructed the then-largest steerable radio telescope in the world, which now bears his name - the ________.
Lovell TelescopeVery Small ArrayJodrell Bank ObservatoryArecibo Observatory

Question 4: Sir Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell, ________, FRS (born 31 August 1913[1]) is an English physicist and radio astronomer.
Order of the BathOrders, decorations, and medals of the United KingdomOrder of St Michael and St GeorgeOrder of the British Empire

Question 5: He was able to show that radar echoes could be obtained from daytime ________ showers.
MeteoriteImpact eventNear-Earth objectMeteoroid

Question 6: [2] A building on the ________ site in Malvern is also named after him.
RegusQinetiQAtkins (company)Logica

Question 7: Born in Oldland Common, ________, he studied physics at the University of Bristol, obtaining a Ph.D. in 1936.

Question 8: The first name of the fictional scientist Bernard Quatermass, the hero of several ________ science-fiction serials of the 1950s, was chosen in honour of Lovell.
BBC TelevisionBBC ScotlandBBC Cymru WalesBBC Alba (TV channel)

Question 9: He was the first Director of ________, from 1945 to 1980.
Lovell TelescopeJodrell Bank ObservatoryVery Small ArrayJodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics


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