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Berm: Quiz


Question 1: Because of the ease of ________, such walls can be made hundreds or thousands of kilometres long.
Building services engineeringConstructionCivil engineeringStructural engineering

Question 2: Berms are also used to control ________ and sedimentation by reducing the rate of surface runoff.
DuneMouth barErosionRiver delta

Question 3: In Snowboard Cross, a berm is a wall of ________ built up in a corner.
SnowPrecipitation (meteorology)MeteorologyRain

Question 4: In the natural building movement, berming refers to piling earth against an exterior wall to create thermal mass or reduce the visible footprint of an ________.
Dugout (shelter)Sustainable architectureEarth shelteringGeothermal heat pump

Question 5: In medieval military engineering, a berm (or berme) was a level space between a parapet or ________ and an adjacent steep-walled ditch or moat.
Hill fortCastleDefensive wallCity gate

Question 6: Disneyland Park in ________ is surrounded by a berm that was implemented to maintain the illusion of the park being a magical place removed from the real world.
Anaheim, CaliforniaOrange County, CaliforniaIrvine, CaliforniaSanta Ana, California

Question 7: In modern military engineering, berm has come to mean the earthen or ________ wall or parapet itself.
BrickworkSod housePrairieSod

Question 8: At some sports stadiums (mainly baseball, in the ________), the berm is a grass area along the fence in foul and fair territory where spectators may sit and view games.
AlaskaUnited StatesCanadaPhilippines

Question 9: [1] It was intended to reduce soil ________ on the walls of the excavated part to prevent its collapse.
TemperaturePressure measurementPressureForce

Question 10: Some attractions, such as the ________ and Pirates of the Caribbean, are too large to fit entirely within the park, and thus are partly constructed outside the berm.
Splash MountainHaunted MansionBuzz Lightyear attractionsIt's a Small World


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