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Question 1: The first commercial success for Berkeley Systems was a ________ product for the Macintosh called Stepping Out.
X window managerVirtual desktopX Window SystemGraphical user interface

Question 2: Boyd and Blades went on to found the ________ liberal political group in 1998.
John McCainDemocratic Party (United States) presidential candidates, ad

Question 3: Several of these Access [1] programs were licensed by ________ and added to the operating system.
Apple Inc.Mac OS XMacintoshIntel Corporation

Question 4: Archived versions of official website ( at the ________
Google BooksInternet ArchiveAmazon KindleCalibre (software)

Question 5: Perhaps the most ambitious of these technologies was a program that could read the Macintosh screen, called Outspoken, which won a technology award from the ________ in 1990.
National MallSmithsonian InstitutionWashington, D.C.United States Capitol

Question 6: Berkeley Systems was a ________ software company cofounded in 1987 by Wes Boyd and Joan Blades.
San Francisco Bay AreaSan Jose, CaliforniaAlameda County, CaliforniaOakland, California

Question 7: It made money early on by doing contract work for the ________, specifically in making modifications to the Macintosh so that it could be usable by people with very low vision, or even the blind.
Greater Baltimore Medical CenterHarbor HospitalNational Institutes of HealthJohns Hopkins Hospital

Question 8: The much bigger success was After Dark, a modular ________ and the first of its kind to be sold.
XScreenSaverMac OS XScreensaverMacintosh


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