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Benzylpiperazine: Quiz


Question 1: Any products containing salts of piperazine would be licensable under the ________[42] and consequently anyone manufacturing and supplying it legally must hold the relevant licenses to do so.
QuackeryPatent medicineHomeopathyUranium

Question 2:
What is the chemical name of Benzylpiperazine (IUPAC)
2-acetyloxy-4-benzoic acid

Question 3:
How is Benzylpiperazine excreted?

Question 4: Its metabolism is mainly through the enzymes ________ and COMT.

Question 5: For now, BZP and other analogous piperazines are still legal and uncontrolled in several Western countries, most notoriously ________.
CanadaUnited KingdomUnited StatesBarbados

Question 6:
What is the elimination half life of Benzylpiperazine?
105 hours in red blood cells, 63 hours in plasma
5.5 Hours
3 to 6 hours in amniotic fluid, less than 1 minute in blood plasma

Question 7: It next appears in the literature in the 1970s when it was investigated as a potential ________ medication, but rejected when research reported that BZP had amphetamine-like effects and was liable to abuse.

Question 8: [15] BZP has a high affinity action at the alpha2-adrenoreceptor, it is an antagonist at the receptor, like yohimbine, which inhibits negative feedback, causing an increase in released ________.

Question 9: It also reported that BZP was being used as an ________ in illicit drugs.
Alcoholic beverageChinese protein adulterationFoodAdulterant

Question 10: The study recorded all presentations associated with party pill use at the Emergency Department of ________ Hospital, New Zealand by recording them on a prospective data collection form.
Hamilton, New ZealandChristchurchDunedinAuckland

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