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Question 1: It appears, however, to have fallen into their hands during the ________, though the exact occasion is unknown.
Second Punic WarRoman RepublicPyrrhic WarSamnite Wars

Question 2: Its bronze doors, adorned with bas-reliefs, are notable example of ________ which may belong to the beginning of the 13th century.
Romanesque artGothic artRomanesque architectureGothic architecture

Question 3: The so-called Langobardia minor was unified for the last time by Duke Pandolfo Testa di Ferro, who expanded his extensive control in the Mezzogiorno from his base in Benevento and ________.
AversaCaiazzoSessa AuruncaCapua

Question 4: Zotto's successor was Arechis I (died in 640), from the Duchy of Friuli, who captured Capua and Crotone, sacked the Byzantine ________ but was unable to capture Naples.
Altavilla SilentinaSalernoNocera InferioreAmalfi

Question 5: Trains to ________ have been mostly replaced by bus service.
TermoliGuglionesiCampobassoRiccia (Italy)

Question 6: Horace famously notes Beneventum on his journey from Rome to Brundusium (modern ________).
CarovignoBrindisiOstuniSan Vito dei Normanni

Question 7: Benevento passed to the Papacy peacefully when the emperor Henry III ceded it to ________, in exchange for the Bishopric of Bamberg (1053).
Pope Leo IXPope Gregory VIIPope Victor IIIPope John Paul II

Question 8: The interior is in the form of a ________, the double aisles carried on ancient columns.

Question 9: The plant was very original for the times: it consists of a central hexagon with, at each vertex, columns taken from the temple of ________; these are connected by arches which support the cupola.
IsisOsirisHathorEgyptian pantheon

Question 10: After his reign the Eastern Roman Empire had left in southern Italy only Naples, Amalfi, Gaeta, Sorrento, the tip of Calabria and the maritime cities of ________.


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