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Question 1: The proportions of the beam are such that it would fail by bending rather than by crushing, wrinkling or sideways ________.
Creep (deformation)CorrosionBucklingFatigue (material)

Question 2: Ix - the ________ about the neutral axis x
BendingSecond moment of areaMoment of inertiaStress (mechanics)

Question 3: Simple beam bending is often analyzed with the ________.
Applied mechanicsBeam (structure)Stress (mechanics)Euler–Bernoulli beam equation

Question 4: The dynamic bending of beams[6], also known as flexural vibrations of beams, was first investigated by ________ in the late 1700s.
Johann BernoulliNicolaus II BernoulliJacob BernoulliDaniel Bernoulli

Question 5: In ________, bending (also known as flexure) characterizes the behavior of a slender structural element subjected to an external load applied perpendicularly to an longitudinal axis of the element.
StaticsContinuum mechanicsApplied mechanicsClassical mechanics

Question 6: where I is the ________ of the cross-section, A is the cross-sectional area, G is the shear modulus, and k is a shear correction factor.
Rotation around a fixed axisMoment of inertiaEuclidean vectorRigid body

Question 7: where x,y are the coordinates of a point on the cross section at which the stress is to be determined, Mx and My are the bending moments about the x and y ________ axes, Ix and Iy are the second moments of area (distinct from moments of inertia) about the x and y axes, and Ixy is the product of moments of area.

Question 8: In 1921 ________ improved the theory further by incorporating the effect of shear on the dynamic response of bending beams.
Ukrainian languageStephen TimoshenkoVladimir VernadskyUkraine

Question 9: Wide-flange beams (I-Beams) and ________ girders effectively address this inefficiency as they minimize the amount of material in this under-stressed region.
Structural engineeringTrussBeam (structure)Truss bridge

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