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Ben Rich: Quiz


Question 1: ________ Prototype of F-22 Raptor.
Lockheed AC-130C-5 GalaxyF-22 RaptorLockheed HC-130

Question 2: His son, Michael, is an executive with the ________ and his daughter, Karen, is a botanist.
Frank CarlucciRANDDonald RumsfeldCouncil on Foreign Relations

Question 3: Regarded as the "father of stealth,"[1] Ben Rich was responsible for leading the development of the ________, the first production stealth aircraft.
F-16 Fighting FalconF-35 Lightning IIF-22 RaptorF-117 Nighthawk

Question 4: He worked (with his father) in a ________ machine shop during World War II, and studied at the city's Hamilton High School.
San Jose, CaliforniaLong Beach, CaliforniaGlendale, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 5: He also worked on the ________, U-2, SR-71, A-12, and F-22 among others, many of which are still classified.
P-80 Shooting StarP-38 LightningF-104 StarfighterF-94 Starfire

Question 6: Then he led the effort to build large-scale ________ liquefaction plant for a proposed hydrogen-powered supersonic aircraft, codenamed Suntan.

Question 7: He died of cancer in ________, on January 5, 1995.
San Bernardino, CaliforniaOxnard, CaliforniaThousand Oaks, CaliforniaVentura, California

Question 8: Later, as Johnson's successor as leader of the Skunk Works, Rich championed the early prototypes of stealth technology and led the development of the ________ stealth fighter.
F-35 Lightning IIF-117 NighthawkF-16 Fighting FalconF-22 Raptor

Question 9: After this was canceled when hydrogen proved to be impractical, Rich was program manager for the propulsion systems for the U-2's successor, the ________.
P-2 NeptuneSR-71 BlackbirdLockheed VenturaLockheed XB-30

Question 10: The Rich family was one of the first ________ families to settle in Manila.

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