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Bemba people: Quiz


Question 1: The Bemba language (Chibemba) is most closely related to the ________ Kaonde (in Zambia and the DRC), Luba (in the DRC), Nsenga and Tonga (in Zambia), and Nyanja/Chewa (in Zambia and Malawi).
Bantu languagesShona languageTsonga languageSotho language

Question 2: Chiti and Nkole left the kingdom for good, and took with them their three maternal half brothers Kapasa, Chimba and ________ and their entourage.
Luapula RiverZambiaKazembeLake Mweru

Question 3: They were the people who finally put a halt to the northward march of the Nguni and Sotho-Tswana descended ________, through Chief Chitapankwa.
ZimbabweZambiaNgoni peopleSouth Africa

Question 4: Bemba history is a major historical phenomenon in the development of chieftainship in a large and culturally homogeneous region of central ________.
AfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan AfricaScramble for Africa


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