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Beltway: Quiz


Question 1: In a few rare instances, loop routes can be a type of ________ that splits from the parent and loops around a populated area, offering two bypasses.
Farm-to-market roadBusiness routeSpecial routeCounty highway

Question 2: Many beltway-style roads are part of a wider highway system; for example, in the United States, beltways are commonly a part of the ________.
U.S. stateMarylandInterstate Highway SystemUnited States Numbered Highways

Question 3: A ring road designation also implies a more inner-city road designed to route traffic around a city centre, as opposed to routing traffic around a larger ________.
LondonMegalopolis (city type)Los AngelesConurbation

Question 4: Loops are less common in the ________; there is only one loop motorway, the M621.
United KingdomEnglandWalesCanada

Question 5: Loop routes sometimes use inner/outer directions as opposed to ________ since the latter cannot be signed uniformly around the entire loop.
MapCompassCardinal directionNavigation

Question 6: A loop route is a highway or other major road that extends out from a typically longer, more important parent road to enter and (usually) circle a large ________.
Independent cityTownCityMunicipality

Question 7: One example is ________, where there is a semi-beltway (Essingeleden).

Question 8: A loop can function as a bypass for through traffic and also to service outlying ________.
Los AngelesSuburbNew York CityLondon

Question 9: For a full listing of beltways, see ________.
List of beltwaysLondonAtlantaParis

Question 10: A beltway, loop (________), ring road, or orbital motorway (British English) is a circumferential highway found around or within many cities.
American EnglishUnited StatesEnglish languageAlaska


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