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Question 1: Studded belts are often a part of punk, ________/scene, skater, Goth and metal fashion.
Rock musicHardcore punkEmoPost-hardcore

Question 2: This was also common in ________ costume design of the early 1990s.
BatmanJack KirbySuperheroStan Lee

Question 3: A belt supports trousers or other articles of ________, and it serves for style and decoration.
WoolSilkDress codeClothing

Question 4: ________, soldiers, and repair personnel are typical roles which use this kind of belt.
Water policeConstablePolice officerRoyal Canadian Mounted Police

Question 5: Belts have been documented for male clothing since the ________.
Bronze Age BritainBronze AgeAncient Near EastDeverel-Rimbury culture

Question 6: Often the belt served only to emphasize a waist made small by a ________ worn under the uniform, a practice which was common especially during the Crimean Wars and was often noted by soldiers from the Western front.

Question 7: One specialized type of belt is the utility belt or ________, which includes pockets for carrying items that the wearer needs for prompt use and loops to hang larger items.
Police duty beltBaton (law enforcement)Ballistic vestBelt (clothing)

Question 8: A common sight in ________ and roleplaying characters is the excessive use of belts in all different sizes on one's person.
FantasySpeculative fictionNovelFairy tale

Question 9: A studded belt is typically made of ________ or similar materials, and is decorated with metal studs.
WoolButtonLeatherLeather skirt

Question 10: ________ belt buckles are now collector's items.
ExpressionismImpressionismCubismArt Nouveau

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