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Belle de Jour (1967 film): Quiz


Question 1: The film won the ________ at the Venice Film Festival in 1967.
Golden Lion62nd Venice International Film Festival64th Venice International Film Festival63rd Venice International Film Festival

Question 2:
Belle de Jour (1967 film), Inglourious Basterds and Apocalypse Now are all:
BDSM in films Surrealist films French-language films Films directed by Luis Bu%C3%B1uel

Question 3:
Belle de Jour (1967 film), Taxi Driver and Taken (film) are all:
Italian films Leone d%27Oro winners French films Films about prostitution

Question 4: ________ as Séverine Serizy, alias Belle de Jour
Catherine DeneuveIsabelle Adjani2008 in film2000 in film

Question 5:
Belle de Jour (1967 film), Machete (film) and Buried (film) are all:
Films directed by Luis Bu%C3%B1uel Surrealist films Spanish-language films Films based on novels

Question 6: The title is the French name of the ________ (literally: "daylight beauty"), a flower that blooms only during the day, but also refers to a prostitute whose trade is conducted in daytime.
Hemerocallis fulvaLiliumDaylilyFlowering plant

Question 7: American director ________ promoted a 2002 release of the film on DVD.
Martin ScorseseGoodfellasTaxi DriverAcademy Award for Best Picture

Question 8:
Belle de Jour (1967 film), Never Let Me Go (2010 film) and The Godfather are all:
French-language films Films based on novels Leone d%27Oro winners BDSM in films

Question 9:
Belle de Jour (1967 film), The Shining (film) and A Clockwork Orange (film) are all:
Films based on novels French-language films Leone d%27Oro winners Surrealist films

Question 10:
Belle de Jour (1967 film), Cannibal Holocaust and SalÚ, or the 120 Days of Sodom are all:
Films directed by Luis Bu%C3%B1uel Italian films Surrealist films Films about prostitution

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