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Bell Witch: Quiz


Question 1: According to the ________, the first manifestation of the haunting occurred in 1817 when John William Bell, Sr.
StorytellingFairy taleFolkloreLegend

Question 2: This movie's explanation of the phenomena, derived from the novel, was that John Bell sexually assaulted his daughter, and her ________ of the event were transferred to the "hauntings of the witch".
False memory syndromeRepressed memoryPsychogenic amnesiaRecovered memory therapy

Question 3: Richard Williams Bell lists several witnesses, including General (later President) ________.
Martin Van BurenAndrew JacksonAl GoreGeorge M. Dallas

Question 4: The Guidebook for Tennessee, published by the ________ in 1939, also contains an account that differs from Ingram's on pages 392–393.
Great DepressionFranklin D. RooseveltWorks Progress AdministrationNew Deal

Question 5:
Bell Witch, Robertson County, Tennessee and White House, Tennessee are all:
American folklore Ghosts Witchcraft Robertson County, Tennessee

Question 6: The legend is the basis of the films ________ (2006) and The Bell Witch Haunting (2004).
2005 in filmAn American HauntingInternet Movie DatabaseRachel Hurd-Wood

Question 7:
Bell Witch, Tutankhamun and Evil eye are all:
Animal cruelty Curses Ghosts Witchcraft

Question 8: The ________ novella The Events at Poroth Farm begins with a strange animal sighting similar to the one experienced by John Bell.
Arkham HouseS. T. JoshiArthur MachenT. E. D. Klein

Question 9: The Bell Witch or Bell Witch Haunting is a poltergeist legend from Southern United States folklore, involving the Bell family of Adams, ________.
AlabamaGeorgia (U.S. state)TennesseeArkansas

Question 10:
Bell Witch, Lizzie Borden and Pocahontas are all:
American folklore Robertson County, Tennessee Witchcraft Ghosts


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