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Question 1: [6] Instead, Eusebius discusses the various positions, particularly during the time of ________, wherein it was discussed whether those who were baptized by heretics needed to be re-baptized.
Catholic ChurchCyprianPope John Paul IIPope Gregory I

Question 2: Tertullian also later in life became a ________ and the strict views on post-baptismal sin which that sect took affected some of his writing.
New TestamentMontanismHoly SpiritEarly Christianity

Question 3: All churches associated with ________ also practice believer's baptism.
Oneness PentecostalismChristianityPentecostalismCatholicism

Question 4: Advocates of believer's baptism do ________ children and do baptize children who credibly profess faith in Him.

Question 5: Believer's baptism is one of several distinctive doctrines associated closely with the Baptist and ________ (literally, rebaptizer) traditions, and their theological relatives.
ChristianityAnabaptistChristian denominationProtestant Reformation

Question 6: Many believe in ________, and that God will prolong a person's life until they are capable of receiving baptism of their own free will.
First Great AwakeningSecond Great AwakeningPredestinationRestorationism (Christian primitivism)

Question 7: For further patristics, they point to St. Cyril of Jerusalem, St. Gregory of Nyssa, St. John Chrysostom, ________ and others who wrote procedures for catechumenical instruction (contrasted to writing procedures for the baptizing of infants.)
Augustine of HippoBlaise PascalAnselm of CanterburyThomas Aquinas

Question 8: In areas where those who practice believer's baptism are the physical or cultural majority, the ritual may function as a ________, by which the child is granted the status of an adult.
CatholicismJesusRite of passageComing of age

Question 9: ________ (describing 1–320 AD) gives ample discussion of baptisms, but makes no reference to the baptism of infants.
Eusebius of CaesareaDevelopment of the New Testament canonTimeline of ChristianityEarly Christianity

Question 10: ________ by immersion is a necessary part of salvation without which one cannot enter into the kingdom of God, John 3:3–5; 1 Peter 3:21
LutheranismInfant baptismProtestant ReformationBaptism


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