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Bektashi: Quiz


Question 1: Several important Ottoman-era poets were Bektashis, and Yunus Emre, the most acclaimed poet of ________, is generally recognized as a subscriber to the Bektashi order.
Turkish peopleTurkish languageOghuz TurksTurkey

Question 2: Bektashism places much emphasis on the concept of Wahdat-ul-Wujood وحدة الوجود, the "Unity of Being" that was formulated by ________.
RumiAl-GhazaliMourideIbn Arabi

Question 3: Bektashis generally revere Sufi mystics outside of their own order, such as ________ and Jelalludin Rumi who are close in spirit to them.
Al-GhazaliSufi psychologyHossein NasrRiaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi

Question 4: The old Persian holiday of ________ is celebrated by Bektashis as Imam Ali's birthday.
Zoroastrian calendarPersian peopleAhura MazdaNowruz

Question 5: The veneration of Imam Ali is central to Bektashi faith, common with ________ Shi'a and Twelver Shi'as.
Hajji Bektash WaliAlevi historyIsmail IAlevi

Question 6: (Nicolle, David; pg 29) With the abolition of Janissaries, the Bektashi order was banned throughout Ottoman Empire by ________ in 1826.
Abdülmecid IMahmud IIAbdülazizAbdul Hamid II

Question 7: It was founded in the 13th century by the ________ saint Hajji Bektash Wali.
MosqueIslamIslamic schools and branchesMuslim history

Question 8: college in the Middle East, ________, was built close to a Bektashi tekke in Bebek north of Istanbul.
Harvard UniversityBoğaziçi UniversityRobert CollegeTurkey

Question 9: Bektashis slowly regained freedom with the coming of the ________ era.
Turkish peopleOttoman EmpireFirst Constitutional Era (Ottoman Empire)Tanzimat

Question 10: In Bulgaria, the türbes of Kıdlemi Baba, Ak Yazılı Baba, Demir Baba and ________ function as heterodox Islamic pilgrimage sites and before 1842 were the centers of Bektashi tekkes.
QizilbashIranOttoman EmpireOtman Baba


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