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Being: Quiz


Question 1: Under the heading ‘Individuality in Thought and Desire’, ________, (German Ideology 1845), says:
SocialismJeremy BenthamMarxismKarl Marx

Question 2: ________ reasoned that if everything is identical to being and being is a category of the same thing then there can be neither differences between things nor any change.

Question 3: Sartre, Essays in Existentialism and ________
Nausea (novel)Jean-Paul SartreDirty HandsBeing and Nothingness

Question 4: This in turn has led to the thought that "being" and nothingness are closely related, developed in ________ philosophy.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelMonismExistentialismFriedrich Nietzsche

Question 5: In its objective usage —as in "a being," or "[a] ________" —it refers to a discrete life form that has properties of mind (i.e.
HomoHominidaeHuman evolutionHuman

Question 6: Given the origins of the term in ________, the term has deep historical roots in other languages: Greek to einai, Latin esse, Spanish ser, Fr.
Contemporary philosophyWestern philosophyMedieval philosophyAncient philosophy

Question 7: The late 19th and 20th centuries featured an emotional return to the concept of existence under the name of ________.
ExistentialismMonismFriedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 8: experience and character) such that transcend that of mere ________ (that have only "life functions").

Question 9: The nature of "being" has also been debated and explored in Islamic philosophy, notably by ________, Suhrawardi, and Mulla Sadra.

Question 10: Having chosen his ground carefully Hobbes launches an ________ attack on metaphysics.


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