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Beilstein database: Quiz


Question 1: Up to 350 fields containing chemical and physical data (such as ________, refractive index etc.) are available for each substance.
SolidPhase transitionMelting pointLiquid

Question 2: The database covers the scientific literature from 1771 to the present and contains experimentally validated information on millions of ________ and substances from original scientific publications.
NitrogenChemical reactionHydrogenChemistry

Question 3: The Beilstein database is one of the largest databases in the field of ________, in which compounds are uniquely identified by their Beilstein Registry Number.
Inorganic chemistryBiochemistryOrganic chemistryPolymer chemistry

Question 4: The electronic database was created based on Beilstein's Handbook of Organic Chemistry, founded by Friedrich Konrad Beilstein in 1881, and is maintained by ________ Information Systems in Frankfurt.
ElsevierMerck & Co.Barnes & NobleReed Elsevier

Question 5: ________
Social sciencesList of academic databases and search enginesList of digital library projectsScience


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