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Question 1:
Which of the following genres does Behemoth (band) produce?
Extreme gothic metal, Deathrock, Symphonic black metal, Gothic rock
Black metalSpeed metal
Blackened death metal, black metal
Black metal Death/doom Progressive metalGothic metal

Question 2:
Which of the following labels did Behemoth (band) work with?

Question 3:
What years was Behemoth (band) active?
since 1984

Question 4: In April/May 2008 the band toured North America as part of "The Invaluable Darkness" tour with Keep of Kalessin and headliner ________.
GalderJan Axel BlombergDimmu BorgirICS Vortex

Question 5: [12] In October/November 2007, they played their first US headlining tour alongside ________, Gojira, and Beneath the Massacre.
Job for a CowboyGenesis (Job for a Cowboy album)Download FestivalHellfest Summer Open Air

Question 6: Massive guitar parts and precise drumming, with influences from different sources, saw them progress further towards[8][9] ________.
Heavy metal musicDeath metalBlack metalHeavy metal subgenres

Question 7:
Who of the following is a current member of Behemoth (band)?

Question 8: During concerts, as part of the scenography, the band uses the Thelemic Unicursal Hexagram from ________.
Boleskine HouseAleister CrowleyOrdo Templi OrientisCeremonial magic

Question 9: In 2007, the band toured Europe alongside Napalm Death, ________ and Dew-Scented.
Darkness and HopeSin/PecadoThe Antidote (Moonspell album)Moonspell

Question 10: The first result of this new collaboration was the successful[7] album Satanica, on which the black metal sound had evolved into ________.
Death metalDoom metalHeavy metal musicHeavy metal subgenres

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