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Behavioural sciences: Quiz


Question 1: They typically include fields like sociology, economics, history, counselling, public health, ________, and political science (E.
AnthropologySocial anthropologyCultureSocial sciences

Question 2: In contrast, ________ provide a perceptive framework to study the processes of a social system through impacts of social organization on structural adjustment of the individual and of groups.
Social sciencesNatural sciencePseudoscienceScientific method

Question 3: The term behavioural sciences (or behavioral sciences) encompasses all the disciplines that explore the activities of and interactions among ________ in the natural world.

Question 4: These include fields like ________, organizational behaviour, organization studies, sociology and social networks.
Social sciencesCultureSocial anthropologyAnthropology

Question 5: ________: From anxiety to method in the behaviorial sciences, The Hague, Paris.
BanatAmerican Psychoanalytic AssociationGeorge DevereuxRomania

Question 6: These include psychology, ________, organization theory, psychobiology, management science, operations research (not to be confused with business administration) and social neuroscience.
Cognitive psychologyCognitionArtificial intelligenceCognitive science

Question 7: It involves the systematic analysis and investigation of human and ________ behaviour through controlled and naturalistic experimental observations and rigorous formulations.

Question 8: This involves fields like psychology and social neuroscience (psychiatry), and ________ among others.


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