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Question 1: Several people have criticized the level of training required to perform behavior modification procedures, especially those which are restrictive or use aversives, ________ or punishment protocols.
Behaviour therapyCognitive behavioral therapyPsychotherapyAversion therapy

Question 2: (In Wikipedia these link under ________.) They have shown success in reducing recidivism for adolescents with conduct problems and adult offenders.
Behavior modification facilityFamily Foundation SchoolBehavioral engineeringTherapeutic boarding school

Question 3: This method has formed the core of ________ for schoolchildren in both regular education and special education.
Behavioral engineeringPositive behavior supportBehavior modificationBehavior management

Question 4: Behavior modification is critiqued in person-centered psychotherapeutic approaches such as Rogerian Counseling and ________.
United to End RacismCo-counsellingHarvey JackinsRe-evaluation Counseling

Question 5: Level of training and consumer protection remain of critical importance in ________ and behavior modification.
Applied behavior analysisReinforcementBehavioral activationBehaviorism

Question 6: While ________ continues to grow as a science by including more environmental factors and behaviorism grows as a philosophy, some continue to criticize it for being reductionist.
Evolutionary psychologyWilliam JamesPsychologyBehaviorism

Question 7: [9] Complex and comprehensive contingency management systems have been developed and represent effective ways to eliminate many problem behaviors (see ________ and positive behavior support).
BehaviorismBehavioral activationReinforcementApplied behavior analysis

Question 8: Functional behavior assessment forms the core of ________ and thus forms the core of behavior modification.
Applied behavior analysisReinforcementBehaviorismBehavioral activation

Question 9: The techniques are based largely on principles of learning - specifically ________ and respondent conditioning
Operant conditioningReinforcementB. F. SkinnerBehaviorism

Question 10: One area that has repeatedly shown effectiveness has been the work of ________ working in the area of community reinforcement for addictions.
William JamesPsychologyEvolutionary psychologyBehaviorism


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