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Question 1: The Beetle is the name of two comic book characters owned by ________ who exist within the fictional Marvel Universe.
Marvel ComicsMarvel StudiosMarvel AnimationMarvel Entertainment

Question 2: The Beetle played a minor role in the sequel to the Spider-Man game for the ________, Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro.
PlayStationPlayStation 2PlayStation 3PlayStation Portable

Question 3: Beetle appears in both the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and ________ games based on the animated series.
Sega Genesis CollectionSega SaturnMega DriveSega Master System

Question 4: A defeat at the hands of the ________ sent him into the direction of a life of crime.
Jack KirbyStan LeeFantastic FourSilver Surfer

Question 5: The first version of the Beetle armor debuted in ________ #123 (August 1964) as the creation of Abner Jenkins.
Strange TalesFantastic FourJack KirbyStan Lee

Question 6: The notable actions he took in the game were stealing a vial of sand (which it is implied the Ultimate Sandman has a connection) and freeing Norman Osborn (also known as the ________).
Green GoblinSecret War (comics)Stan LeeSpider-Woman (Jessica Drew)


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