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  • prehistoric frog Beelzebufo may have grown to over 40 cm/16 in (size comparison pictured), larger than any living frogs, and is called "the Frog from Hell" by the media?

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Question 1: The first ________ fragments were found in 1993 by David W.
PaleontologyGeologyFossilGeologic time scale

Question 2: In comparison with the living horned frogs, Beelzebufo was a predator whose expansive mouth allowed it to eat relatively large prey, perhaps even juvenile ________.

Question 3: [3] Fossils of Beelzebufo have been recovered from strata of the Maevarano Formation in ________, dating to the late Cretaceous Period, some 70 million years ago.
MaldivesSaint HelenaMadagascarMozambique

Question 4: The generic name Beelzebufo is a portmanteau of ________ (a Semitic deity sometimes identified as one of the chief lieutenants, or persona of the Christian Devil) and bufo (Latin for "toad").
Abrahamic religionsJesusElijahBeelzebub

Question 5: Krause of New York's ________, but it took 14 years for scientists Susan E.
Columbia UniversityRutgers UniversityStony Brook UniversityCornell University

Question 6: Jones, and Krause to assemble enough data for publication in the ________, the journal of the United States National Academy of Sciences.
Impact factorJournal of Biological ChemistryProceedings of the National Academy of SciencesLinus Pauling

Question 7: Beelzebufo ampinga (pronounced /biːˌɛlzɨˈbjuːfoʊ æmˈpɪŋɡə/, also /ˌbiːlzəˈbjuːfoʊ/) was a particularly large species of prehistoric ________ first identified in 2007.
MicrohylidaeTrue toadFrogPoison dart frog


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