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Question 1: The name is used by ________ as a secondary name for Satan.
Greek mythologyHadesApolloHermes

Question 2: However, according to Peter Binsfeld, Beelzebub was the demon of gluttony, one of the other ________, whereas Francis Barrett asserted that Beelzebub was the prince of false gods.
LustAngerPrideSeven deadly sins

Question 3: The Hebrew translation of Beelzebub, 'Lord of the Flies' was the namesake of a book of the same name by British novelist and Nobel laureate ________.
Nadine GordimerWilliam GoldingSalman RushdieKingsley Amis

Question 4: Monotheistic Jewish references to Baal were usually pejorative, and grew to be used by the later Christians as a term for ________.
SatanDevilAbrahamic religionsChristian teaching about the Devil

Question 5: ________ the Prophet then condemns Ahaziah to die by Yahweh's words because Ahaziah sought counsel from Ba‘al Zebûb rather than from Yahweh.

Question 6: Wrote Milton of Beelzebub "than whom, Satan except, none higher sat." Beelzebub is also a character in ________'s The Pilgrim's Progress, first published in 1678.
Reformed BaptistCharles SpurgeonJohn BunyanBaptist

Question 7: Regardless, the demonization of the deity or deification is thought to have been one basis for the personification of Satan as the adversary of the ________, though other influences such as the Zoroastrian Daeva may have contributed.
IslamChristianityJesusAbrahamic religions

Question 8: In any event, Beelzebub was frequently named as an object of supplication by confessed ________.
Witch-cult hypothesisWitchcraftStregheriaContemporary witchcraft

Question 9: In the aftermath of the 1634 ________, as the priest Urbain Grandier was burnt at the stake, onlookers saw a fly appear and alleged it was Beelzebub fetching his soul.
Louviers possessionsLoudun possessionsSalem witch trialsAix-en-Provence possessions

Question 10: In ________, the name Beelzeboul (later changed to Beelzebub) may appear as an alternate name for Lucifer, the fallen angel, or else to the name of a lesser devil.
BaptismCatholic ChurchJesusChristian

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