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Question 1: In ________ scientists discovered that three genera of native bees have evolved to open flower buds of the native mistletoe Peraxilla tetrapetala.
NauruAustraliaNew ZealandUnited Kingdom

Question 2: Thus while ________ have been found to be about ten times more efficient pollinators on cucurbits, the total efficiency of a colony of honey bees is much greater due to greater numbers.

Question 3:
What kind of animal is a Bee?

Question 4: Bees are the favorite meal of Merops apiaster, the ________ bird.
Bee-eaterGreen Bee-eaterBlue-cheeked Bee-eaterPurple-bearded Bee-eater

Question 5:
What classis does Bee belong to?

Question 6: ________ collecting pollen from a rose.
United StatesEuropean honey beeBeekeepingAfricanized bee

Question 7: Solitary bees typically produce neither honey nor ________.
Tracing paperScissorsButtonBeeswax

Question 8: Other common predators are kingbirds, mockingbirds, bee wolves and ________.
OdonataDragonflyEuropean honey beeInsect

Question 9: Providing nest boxes for solitary bees is increasingly popular for ________.
Garden designAgriculturePlantGardening

Question 10: In 2005 Michael Dickinson and his ________ colleagues studied honey bee flight with the assistance of high-speed cinematography[11] and a giant robotic mock-up of a bee wing.
University of California, Los AngelesCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of California, San DiegoUniversity of Southern California


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