Bedlington Terrier: Quiz

Question 1: The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of terrier named after the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland in ________.
North East EnglandEast MidlandsNorth West EnglandYorkshire and the Humber

Question 2: [1] In addition, it is fast enough to bay a ________ or a fox and is a first-rate water dog.
CatBearBadgerEuropean Badger

Question 3: It is suggested that the Bedlington may well have made its way to Ireland and played a part in the early development of the ________.
Kerry Blue TerrierBorder TerrierYorkshire TerrierIrish Terrier

Question 4: Bedlington Terriers have an unusually high incidence of ________, an inherited autosomal recessive disease, characterized by accumulation of excess copper in the liver.
Alzheimer's diseaseHuntington's diseaseHepatic encephalopathyWilson's disease

Question 5: Bedlington Terriers often appear on lists of dogs that do not shed (________),[2] but this is misleading.
Yorkshire TerrierHypoallergenic dog breedMoultingMiniature Schnauzer

Question 6: A similar idea is seen in the tail, crest and wings of the ________

Question 7: Its body shape, however, is unusual for a terrier, being somewhat like a ________ or Whippet in construction, which enables it to gallop at great speed.
BeagleGreyhoundPharaoh HoundAfghan Hound

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