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Question 1:
When is Bede's birthday?
ca. 260
ca. 673
ca. 1859
ca. 1770

Question 2: ________ used Bede's homilies in his missionary efforts on the continent.
Charles MartelPopeSaint BonifaceSaint Sturm

Question 3:
Where was Bede born?
Hertfordshire, England
near Sunderland
Pittsburgh, PA

Question 4: His body was stolen from Jarrow and transferred to Durham Cathedral around 1020, where it was placed in the same tomb with Saint ________.
BishopCuthbert of LindisfarneAidan of LindisfarneNorthumbria

Question 5: [4][43] Bede's account of the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons is drawn largely from Gildas's ________.
Maelgwn GwyneddDe Excidio et Conquestu BritanniaeSub-Roman BritainVortiporius

Question 6:
When did Bede die?

Question 7: In 733, Bede travelled to York, to visit Ecgbert, who was then ________.
Archbishop of CanterburyChurch of EnglandArchbishop of YorkBishop of Worcester

Question 8: The accusation occurred in front of the bishop of Hexham of the time, ________, who was present at a feast when some drunken monks made the accusation.
Wulfstan IIJohn KempWilfridEaldred (archbishop)

Question 9: [23] Bede also travelled to the monastery of ________, and at some point visited the otherwise unknown monastery of a monk named Wicthed, a visit that is mentioned in a letter to that monk.
Catterick, North YorkshireCarlisle, CumbriaEnglandLindisfarne

Question 10: In 1899, Bede was made a Doctor of the Church by Leo XIII, a position of theological significance; he is the only native of Great Britain to achieve this designation (________, also a Doctor of the Church, was originally from Italy).
Anselm of CanterburyBlaise PascalAugustine of HippoThomas Aquinas

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