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Bedding: Quiz


Question 1: The arrival of the 18th century brought bed frames made from ________, and mattresses that were made of cotton.
Wrought ironAlloy steelSteelCast iron

Question 2: Bedding does not include the ________, box spring or bed frame.

Question 3: During the ________, mattresses were stuffed with straw and feathers and then covered with silks, velvets or satin material.
Italian RenaissanceBaroqueWestern art historyRenaissance

Question 4: Around 3400 BC Egyptian ________ had their beds moved off the ground and slept on a raised surface.
PharaohAhmose IAmenhotep IIIHatshepsut

Question 5: Bedding sizes usually are made with the dimensions of the ________ and mattress for which it is to be used in mind.

Question 6: ________ mattresses were stuffed with wool, feather, reeds or hay.
Byzantine EmpireWestern Roman EmpireRoman RepublicRoman Empire

Question 7: Bedding is made from a variety of materials, including ________, flannel, down, polysatin, polyester, satin, silk, wool and latex

Question 8: Hotel bedding: Sheets with a high-thread count, to emulate the high quality bedding materials that ________ use.
Travel and Tourism Competitiveness ReportWorld Tourism rankingsHotelTourism

Question 9: ________: The number of thread ends per square inch in a woven fabric.
WeavingUnits of textile measurementGlossary of textile manufacturingTextile


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