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Beatitudes: Quiz


Question 1: In the documentary Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, ________ quotes the beatitudes in the chapter entitled "Country Letter."
Robert MitchumKnoxville, TennesseeHarold LloydJames Agee

Question 2: The songs "Visions of the Night" and "Walking in your Footsteps" by ________ each contain the line, "They say the meek shall inherit the earth"
The PoliceStewart CopelandSting (musician)Synchronicity (album)

Question 3: A scene in the well-known play ________ consists of the cast members running up to Jesus, each with a line beginning one of the beatitudes (e.g.
The Magic ShowStephen Schwartz (composer)GodspellWicked (musical)

Question 4: It plays an important role in Herman Melville's ________
TypeeThe Confidence-ManMoby-DickBilly Budd

Question 5: In the Chapter 2 of novel Doctor Zhivago by ________ the character Larissa Feodorovna Guishar, who "was not religious" and "did not believe in ritual", was started by the Beatitudes and thought it was about herself.
Aleksandr SolzhenitsynJoseph StalinBoris PasternakRussia

Question 6: in a radical new way." Similarly, ________, in his "Politics of Jesus" refers to Matthew 5 as part of a "call on the disciples of Jesus to renounce participation in the interplay of egoisms".
MennoniteJohn Howard YoderIndianaNonresistance

Question 7: As such, this beatitude formed the heart of Augustine's argument in favour of a ________, arguing that a war that brought about greater peace was justified.
AristotleThomas AquinasJust WarPlato

Question 8: ________ saw the verse as embodying the slave morality of Christianity.
ExistentialismFriedrich NietzscheImmanuel KantGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 9: Matthew refers to only verbal attacks, while Luke also refers to ________, which scholars feel indicates the differences in situation between the writers.
ShunningExcommunicationNew TestamentBishop

Question 10: ________ once quoted "The meek shall inherit the earth, but not the mineral rights."
Getty Conservation InstituteJ. Paul Getty MuseumGetty CenterJ. Paul Getty

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