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Question 1: A number of hybrids have been bred between American black, brown, and polar bears (see ________).
Grizzly–polar bear hybridHybrid (biology)Canid hybridUrsid hybrid

Question 2:
What phylum does Bear belong to?

Question 3:
What classis does Bear belong to?

Question 4:
What period does the fossils of the Bear come from?
Pliocene to Present
Late Eocene - Recent
Thanetian to Present
Late Miocene - Recent

Question 5: The Tiger is the only known predator known to regularly prey on adult bears, including Sloth Bears, ________, Giant Pandas, Sun Bears and small Brown Bears.
Golden JackalDholeAsian Black BearGray Wolf

Question 6: Bears' closest living relatives are the pinnipeds, a clade of three families: ________ (the walrus), Otariidae (fur seals and sea lions), and Phocidae (true or earless seals).
Sea otterGray WolfWalrusPolar bear

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  American Black Bears mating
  Asian Black Bear Ursus thibetanus, at the Wrocław Zoo, Poland
  Polar bear at Wapusk National Park, Canada
  Sun Bear Helarctos malayanus, at the Columbus Zoo

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  Brown Bear Ursus arctos, at the Moscow Zoo
  Asian Black Bear Ursus thibetanus, at the Wrocław Zoo, Poland
  Plithocyon armagnacensis skull

Question 9: The third wave took place in the early ________ 4 Ma, consisting of Ursus.
Great American InterchangeMiocenePlioceneGeologic time scale

Question 10: [7] The status of the ________ remains uncertain, but many experts, including Wilson and Reeder, classify it as a member of the bear family.
Giant PandaTigerRed PandaLion

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