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Question 1: In 1971, it published the "Senator Gravel edition" of ________ for the first time in book form, when no other publisher was willing to risk publishing such controversial material.
Pentagon PapersDaniel EllsbergLyndon B. JohnsonThe New York Times

Question 2: Beacon Press is an American non-profit book ________.
ProofreadingMass mediaEditingPublishing

Question 3: Democracy Now! Special: "How the Pentagon Papers Came to Be Published by the Beacon Press: Mike Gravel, ________, and Robert West (audio/video and transcript)
George W. BushJohn F. KennedyLyndon B. JohnsonDaniel Ellsberg

Question 4: Beacon Press publishes non-fiction, fiction, and ________ titles.
LiteratureNovelPoetryLyric poetry

Question 5: Beacon Press launched its ________, Beacon Broadside, in late September 2007.
Blog softwareBlogPermalinkPolitical blog

Question 6: Founded in 1854 by the American Unitarian Association, it is currently a department of the ________.
Unitarian UniversalismUnitarian Universalist AssociationUniversalismUnitarianism


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